Make Your Small Rooms Feel Larger

Sometimes a small room is just what you have to deal with. But it can often feel cramped with too much furniture or too bright colors. There are a few tips that can help you make any room feel instantly larger even without moving any walls or doing any large scale construction.

Paint or wallpaper for ceiling

Sometimes giving the space your in a feature can instantly make the room feel bigger. This can be accomplished by using a unique wallpaper on the ceilings or a funky color than can draw together your design and make the room feel less cramped and more open.

Light colors

Try to avoid using any dark or smothering colors when you are decorating and designing a small room. Try to stick to light and airy colors like whites, blues and other soft tones. Light colors allow the space to feel like there’s room to breathe.

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Furniture away from walls

In a large room furniture in the middle of the room makes a space feel open and easy to navigate around. In a small room it can make it feel cluttered and closed in. the best way to place furniture in a small room is to place it up against the walls to allow for more space for you to be able to move around the room.

Hidden storage

Storage is important in any room and more important in a small room. You have to get really creative with storage by using the furniture like ottomans to store blankets and books. Or shelves close to the ceiling built in by your builders christchurch to fit your storage needs.

Statement furniture

Just because the room is small doesn’t mean the furniture cant rock. Choose furniture that is both functional and stylish and gives you the most seating for your space. Your mirrors can have eclectic borders and give the space more light or your sectional can give you the opportunity to fit more people in less space

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Stripes are not only flattering for people they are also flattering on small rooms. Your builders chch will be able to make suggestions on how to make the the most out of stripes to make the room feel larger. This can be accomplished by painting, wallpaper, carpets, or even just accent pillows on a couch. Stripes can make a room feel elongated and more open.

Windows Uncovered For More Depth

Windows in a small space can be a lifesaver. If your builder christchurch is able to create a bay window or a more deep window seating it can make your room feel larger. It helps as well to keep windows free of curtains, blind, or shades to allow natural light into the space.

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These are just a few of the options you have when you are trying to find to make your small room larger. If you are unable to just knock down wall the maybe a builder chch may have a few different options to help you make the room feel larger and more open. This can be done with paint, windows and even furniture.

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