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So your building a new home and you want it to be the one you’ve alway dreamed about. Each room has so many details to consider when you are designing with your builders new zealand. It may be hard to nail down just what features are important to you in each room but here are a few you may want to consider asking your builders new zealand to incorporate into your home design.

Laundry Room Sinks

Something that doesn’t get enough attention is your laundry room. But if you have a family no matter what size you spend a significant time in this space. Something that is often overlooked is the sink that is installed inside your Services.  FarmHouse sinks are a popular design feature that fits into any design or theme laundry room and allows for enough space for you to take on the tough stains as well. Making sure to include a utility vanity as well allows you to take advantage of storage for all of your cleaning supplies so that the counters and appliance tops stay clutter free.

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Mud rooms

Any mom will tell you that a mud room is must when designing your own home. It’s a space where the family, especially the kids, can unload their stuff and not track mud and grime from shoes into the house. A mud room ideally has a bench built in with storage for backpacks, jackets and of course shoes. A skilled builder NZ will be able to offer unique storage solutions so that the mud room does not look cluttered or messy. Mud rooms ideally lead in from the garage or back yard but if your builder new zealand is especially creative they can incorporate it into your front entrance in a way that is purposefully and inviting without being messy.

Walk In Pantry

No kitchen is complete without a pantry. And the dream kitchen has a walk in pantry with enough shelves and storage to fit it all. Make sure that your builder nz creates you a dream pantry that any chef would swoon over. Its your new home and you should be able to ask for the most extravagant. Your pantry can be something is on display for all your guest or something creatively designed to be tucked away.

Screened In Porch

Screened in porches are an amazing way to blend your indoor and outdoor living space. It allows you the ability to enjoy the outdoors even when your area is plagued by bugs and inclement weather. You and your builders nz can design a porch that is completely enclosed or one that has retractable screens. It’s the ultimate way to create more space to entertain and enjoy outdoor living even more.

There are so many things to decide when you are building and designing your home. Your builders nz are capable of making your wildest dreams come true. Makes sure you explore all your options and find the special thing in every room that makes your home uniquely you.

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