Fencing Companies Christchurch – Pete’s Construction creates handcrafted fencing solutions for both residential and commercial clients throughout Canterbury.

Pailing Fences

Pete’s Construction creates beautiful pailing fencing. Pailing fences are the most popular residential style of fencing in New Zealand, offering you privacy, security and excellent value for money. Pailing fences come in many different styles and Pete’s Construction can design and build a fence specific to your requirements.

Pailing fences are built with treated posts, rails and pailings. The pailings can be butted together, lapped or battened over to provide excellent privacy. Here at Pete’s Construction we include free concrete upgrade to every post adding addition strength and longevity to your new fencing!

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Post & Rail Fences

A post and rail fence is the number one choice for our rural and lifestyle block customers. It  is the ideal style of fencing for defining an entranceway, lifestyle boundary or a driveway.

A post and rail fence is cost effective, looks great and is highly versatile. It’s simple, solid construction doesn’t wrap or twist, and is a great way to add an attractive visual livestock barrier to your property.

Its simple design is also perfect for sloping or uneven ground. Team your new post and rail fence with one of our custom built gate options and you will have and attractive, durable fence that will look great for many years!

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is a style of fencing produced by fixing evenly spaced pailing or  specialty crafted “pickets” to rails between evenly spaced posts. A picket fence is not only visually appealing, but offers good security for pets and children. A picket fence also allows greater visibility and light though the fence.

Picket fencing is often chosen by or heritage home or character property clients. A well built, well designed picket fence looks great, adds instant value to you home and brings about a new level of charm and beauty.

Our locally sourced timber pickets look great painted in a natural colour like white, but can also be stained or painted any colour.

Metal or coloursteel Fences

Our tin cladding or coloursteel fencing options are a popular choice for commercial clients or residential clients wanted added security. Colour steel cladding can be fitted both vertically as well and horizontally making this style of fence visual attractive and economical to build.

Often used around swimming pools, our colour steel fencing option provides a great visual barrier as well as a wind block. When used as poolside fencing, it is installed to meet the building act in respect to clause F9 – restricting access to a residential pool.

Trellis Fencing or Screens

Trellis fencing is a great option for dividing areas of your garden and creating attractive visual boundaries. The trellis option allows light to still past through and allows you to separate sperate areas of your garden making the area feel larger. We often add trellis as an option to atop of a boundary fence to allow light and ease the feel of smaller areas become “boxed” in.

Trellis fencing used in the garden also doubles as a great structure for growing climbing plants such as roses, hollyhocks, clematis or in the vegetable garden becomes a great option for growing beans or tomatoes. Trellis fencing is also great for concealing items within your garden that you don’t necessarily want to see, for example a compost bin, chicken coop of rubbish bins.

Trellis fencing is available in a range of styles be it square, vertical, horizontal or diagonal, Pete’s Construction can craft a trellis specific to your design requirements.

Rural Fencing – Post & Wire or Post & Netting

From lifestyle blocks to farms, Pete’s Construction have the team, equipment and experience necessary to complete your rural fencing requirements. Be it an electric fence, multi wire, wire and baton or pre fabricated netting fence we can complete this work for you.

It can be an ongoing job maintain stock fencing and gate, but is important to ensure stock security and appearance. We can complete all rural fence repairs and rebuilds as well as all new fencing.

We work alongside many forestry and logging companies in Canterbury to removal fencing before logging operations and rebuild after or during the logging producers. We are completely flexible and can meet all of our clients requirements.

Security Fencing

We build security fencing. We have solutions for a wide range of commercial applications servicing all types of commercial clients, whether it be it a large retail development, a commercial yard or a school. We also have temporary fencing solutions available for long or short team hire, perfect for your security or health and safety requirement during a new build or renovation process. (Our temp fencing is free to our own build clients).

We can fully customize our security fencing to meet all your requirement including anti climb devices or matching to your building aesthetics. We also build all security gates including personal access gates and automated entry gates.

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Swimming & Spa Pool Fencing
All swimming pools in New Zealand must be fenced to comply with the Fencing of Swimming pools act. Pete’s Construction can build robust and visually appealing fencing solutions to ensure you comply with your local council requirements.

Fencing Maintenance & Repairs
Pete’s Construction can complete all fencing maintenance you may require. Be it residential, rural or commercial fencing, let us show you why we are Canterbury’s preferred fencing contractor.

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Deck Installation Christhchurch

At Pete’s Construction, we believe decking is as much a part of your home as the internal rooms of your house. This means decking should be as well-built, well-finished, and not as comfortable as inside your home but look great and be practical.

We take great pride in the decking installation projects we complete. You can expect the same exceptional quality of service when we install your deck. Be it a hardwood deck, pine or composite deck style, we offer all our client amazing value for money.

Our experience includes working with a range of different materials and features including solid wood, glass balustrades, metal balustrades, feature decking steps, planter boxes, deck seating and more. Contact us for more information.

Reliable and Dependable Builders

We can help whether you need fencing in Christchurch or if you want to build a new deck at your home or property. Plus, we have an outstanding reputation in the industry. Below are some of the reasons our customers choose us, and why you should choose us too:

  • We turn up on time
  • Our team will respect your home and will treat you and your family professionally
  • We work within agreed budgets
  • Our workmanship is second to none
  • We’ll complete the project within the agreed timescale
  • We’ll take away all debris and rubbish leaving your deck and fencing instantly ready to use

Need new fencing in Christchurch installed or existing fencing replaced? At Pete’s Construction, we offer quality fencing & decking installation services. Please email us at [email protected] to arrange a free consultation, project evaluation, and project estimate.