Hill Construction Christchurch

Hill Construction Christchurch are among the most challenging types of site to build a home on. There are challenges during construction in addition to ensuring the home is built properly and will stand the test of time. As a result, you need a builder with specific hill site construction experience. As Pete’s Construction is a hill site contractor, we have that experience.

In fact, we have experience of a range of challenging building situations from complex housing designs, unique designs, homes built using new technologies or materials, and sites with access issues.

We’ll make sure your home is built right.

What Is Required When Building on a Hill Site

There are many issues that can be faced when building on a site that is on a hill. Access is one of the first that will be encountered during construction. It is also important to install deep piles and/or retaining walls during construction to ensure the structural integrity of the house.

There are two things required to overcome the challenges of hill site construction. The first is experience and the second is proper planning. With our experience and the effective construction plan we will put in place, the building process for your new home will go smoothly.

What You Can Expect from Us

  • Comprehensive range of building services
  • Experience of building homes on hill sites, including hard to access sites
  • Skilled and experienced team working on each stage of your project
  • 10-year guarantee providing your project is $30k plus
  • Free project evaluation and job estimate

To arrange a free consultation and to discuss your project, please email us on office@petesconstruction.co.nz.