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We believe quality, service and reliability are the foundations for a successful business to excel in our industry. Established by Peter Dalzell, Pete’s Construction is a building organisation fuelled by word of mouth.

Our approach is fresh, modern and one that truly puts you, our client, at the forefront. We are committed to serving you.

When you build with us, you evoke a partnership that surpasses the duration of the build. A partnership of trust, genuine care and respect that truly adds value to your project.

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We take great pride in our achievements and values.

If you need a residential building contractor, Pete’s Construction is your ideal choice. We’re the number one choice for people looking for building companies in Christchurch. We specialise in prestige new build homes, renovations, extensions, and more.

We have specific expertise in complex building projects including specialist foundation work, the construction of concrete buildings and the production of building reports.

When you choose us, you’ll get a builder with a reputation among builders in Christchurch that is second to none. Our workmanship is exceptional, giving you the best finish possible and our project management skills are second to none.

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As a result, we make the process of getting building work done as hassle-free as possible while also staying within budget and finishing on time.

You can count on us if you need any commercial or residential construction services, plus our work is backed by an industry-leading guarantee.

You don’t have to look for building companies in Christchurch any longer. We are what you’re looking for. Call us today.

Master Home Builders Christchurch

At Pete’s Construction, we’re Master Builders in Christchurch. This means our work has been assessed and scrutinised to ensure it comes up to standard. One of the benefits of being certified in this way is that we can offer you a Halo 10-year guarantee on all projects worth more than $30k.

We are also site safe members too. As a site safe member, we are commited to healthy and safe working practices and we keep all our policies up to date. In addition, our team members regularly undergo safety training that is specific for our industry.

To get a quote from one of the leading home builders in Christchurch, give us a call today.

Our Services

• Commercial builders in Christchurch
Residential builders in Christchurch
New homes
• Alterations
• Extensions
• Kitchen installation
• Bathroom installation
• Hill site work
• Specialised foundations
• Building relocation
• Landscaping, including retaining wall construction
• Decking
• Building reports

As one of the most popular building companies in Christchurch, all our services are fully bespoke. We’ll adapt our approach according to your requirements, ensuring you get the best, better quality, and most effective solution.

So, whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial builder in Christchurch, get in touch with us.

Why Choose Us When Looking for Commercial Construction Companies in Christchurch

You have lots of choice when looking at commercial construction companies in Christchurch. Why should you choose us at Pete’s Construction?

Here at Pete’s Construction, we have extensive experience in commercial construction projects. This includes both smaller projects such as the renovation or fitout of commercial buildings, as well as the more complex construction of tilt panel or concrete buildings and warehouses.

Further more, our team has excellent project management skills. We can ensure your project finishes on time and on-budget. Plus, we can assist in the planning stages of your project to help you achieve the build you want, within your budget.

We offer an excellent customer service too existing businesses as well. We understand the needs of business and adapt our building solutions to work in with the normal operation of your business. We do everything we can to cause as little disruption to your normal business operations as possible during the completion of the building work.

Give us a call today to find out more.

Our Skills as House Builders CHCH

At Pete’s Construction, we have an excellent reputation in the industry as leading house builders in Christchurch. This is one of the main reasons many of our clients choose us when looking for a new house building company in Christchurch.

While we build all styles of home, our particular area of specialty is building high-end and prestige homes in challenging locations. We also have a wealth of experience in challenging builds such as unique designs or sites that have access issues.

You will also find our team is totally professional, our communication is excellent, and we do everything we can to complete your project on time and within budget.

Affordable Home Builders in Christchurch

Are you searching for affordable house building companies in Christchurch?

Are you looking for a builder you can trust?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Building an affordable home in Christchurch doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. When you build with Pete’s Construction, you get a high-quality home that’s well-priced too.

If you’ve always dreamt of building your own home but never thought that a new build was in your budget, then look no further. Choose from our expansive range of plans and build options. Whether you are looking for a full build or kitset homes, we’ve got you covered.

We make use of the same materials that are typically used in more expensive ‘design and build’ projects. Our simple, efficient processes mean that building a new home is super easy and we offer something to suit every budget. When you work with Pete’s Construction, you are assured of a quality build that will leave you in awe.

Whether you would like to build a kitset home and take complete control of the construction process or you’d rather leave the entire process to us with the full build option, our house builders in Christchurch will work with you every step of the way to deliver stellar results. We understand how invaluable sound advice and support can be especially during the initial stages of a new build.

Commercial Builders in Christchurch

With years of experience and a proven track record, we are one of the leading commercial construction companies in Christchurch. At Pete’s Construction, we have expertise in every aspect of a commercial project to ensure you receive a superior quality build at a competitive price and in a reasonable time frame.

Our commercial builders in Christchurch provide a complete construction solution. Our team has expertise in all types of commercial projects.

As one of the leading building companies in Chch, we assure you of superior workmanship, five-star service and an unmatched experience from start to finish. Our commercial builders in Christchurch have completed all types of build contracts and commercial fit-outs over the years. Here are some of the commercial projects we have experience in:

  • Apartment builds and renovations including building leakage repairs
  • Construction of factories, warehouses and garage units
  • Shopping centres
  • Corporate buildings and offices
  • Medical centres
  • Office developments and layouts like partitioning, workstations, staff kitchens and meeting rooms
  • Accommodation construction, refurbishments and upgrades
  • Hard landscaping for swimming pools, schools and other public facilities

We also specialise in office remodelling, shop fit outs, café and restaurant remodelling, retail areas, warehouses, motels, commercial building renovations and more.

Master Builders Christchurch – Frequently Asked Questions

How long would you take to build my house? 

The initial investigation, consent process and site preparation can take time. Several different advisors and suppliers are typically involved in these initial stages and they generally work to their own timelines. The construction process alone can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

For these reasons, it’s difficult for construction companies in Christchurch or anywhere in the world to provide a firm complete timeline or date at the outset. However, once the consents are given and the site works have been completed, the remaining construction process will completely come into our management and at this stage, we are able to provide a reliable, and even guaranteed completion date.

While our residential builders in Christchurch strive to build your home in the quickest possible time, there are several factors that influence the build process.

  • The complexity of the design
  • The type of construction: custom builds take more time compared to prefabricated homes and homes that are designed off a pre-set plan
  • Number of storeys
  • Weather
  • Amount of land that needs to be cleared
  • The slope of the site – the steeper your site, the more expensive the building work becomes
  • The number of easements involved/required
  • Building during the holiday season

What’s the cost of building my new home? 

The cost of a new home depends on a variety of factors including:

  • How complex the design is
  • The type of house you want to build
  • The location
  • Materials
  • Site conditions (soil composition, slope, etc.)

We would be happy to provide you with a quote based on your requirements. Fill in our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our builders in Christchurch. Our specialist will listen to your requirements and discuss your options to provide a quote.

What are prime cost items?

Prime cost items are those features that you haven’t chosen yet. These include tapware, doorknobs, tiles, etc. A sum is typically assigned for these items.

What are provision cost items? 

Provision cost items are materials or features that carry unknown costs. This could be because our residential builders in Christchurch haven’t seen the site you want to build or we need your input before we can give you a quote. Provision cost items include:

  • Site drainage
  • Foundations
  • Earthworks
  • Council fees
  • Kitchen
  • Connection to water and power

What’s included in the price?  

The advertised price will cover the house itself but does not include the cost of land, subdivision and site work, services to the boundary and council development contributions. All construction work relating to your new home including complete project management are included. Get in touch with us for complete details.

How much deposit do I have to pay to build a house? 

The deposit depends on the location of your new build and the type of contract you’ve chosen.

  • Vacant lot: If the lot is within 50km of city limits, typically we require 20% of the land’s value as a deposit.
  • Build only: If you hire our builders Chch to build just the house, we ask for 20% of the new build’s final value as a deposit.
  • Partial contract: If you choose to self-manage your new build, we will require a deposit of 35% of the home’s final value.
  • Turnkey solution: With a turnkey solution, our Master Builders in Christchurch will be overseeing the complete process from start to finish including the garden. For these arrangements, we usually ask a deposit of 10%.

Titled vs untitled lot of land – what’s the difference? 

When you are looking to buy land, be sure to check whether a title was issued, as this will significantly affect the cost of your project as well as the timeline.

An untitled land:

  • Does not have a certificate of Title, which means that you’ll have to wait for one to be issued before you can settle and apply for building and resource consents. This can affect your construction timeline.
  • No services such as electricity and water.
  • Is usually cheaper when compared to titled plots.
  • Is typically undeveloped (i.e. the land needs to be cleared and there are trees)
  • Does not have site access.
  • Is usually sold as part of an off-the-plan development.

A titled land: 

  • Does have a certificate of Title. This means that building companies Christchurch can begin construction work as soon as the building and resource consents are received.
  • Is usually located in an established suburb.
  • Usually has site access.
  • Has services.
  • Is typically developed (i.e. site levelled and trees cleared).
  • May have covenants and easements that limit the use of the plot and/or your build.

Why are some house designs costlier than others? 

Two homes may have the same floor area but the final cost of each home will depend on each home owner’s choice of design and construction materials.

For instance, a home with a mono-pitched roof needs more exterior cladding on the exterior walls and the trusses also cost more. Overall, this is an expensive design to build compared to a traditional hip roof house.

Similarly, homes with extra storage areas cost more to build. Each cupboard requires several different components such as plastering, framing, doors, door handles, painting and shelving. So the more storage you have, the greater will be the final cost.

Will my project need a permit? 

A building permit is mandatory for new builds. It is also mandatory when there’s structural work involved, the basic living space of the house is to be modified, or when the home’s mechanical systems need to be reconfigured or modified.

Who will be responsible for the building consent process? 

As your builders in Christchurch, we will take care of the entire consent process for you so you can take it easy. Our team is experienced and proficient with the entire consent process. We will lodge the consent for you, saving you time and frustration.

Whether you choose a ready house plan or hire an architect to design one for you, we will coordinate with the architect to take care of the necessary paperwork and lodge the building consent.

Sometimes, the council may have a technical question or require a small detail, which we can answer instantly to help hasten the consent process.

Do I have to pay for preparing the building consent?

Usually no. Most of the necessary components for the consent process will be collected as part of the design process, so the building consent lodgement is the natural next step. On some larger commercial projects over 1 million where the consent process can be exhaustively long, we’ll negotiate a small fee of about 0.5% of the project value for preparing the consent.

Are you a Master Builder? 

We are residential and commercial builders in Christchurch registered with the New Zealand Certified Builders (NZCB) Association. When you build with us, you are not only in safe hands but you are working with the best in the business.

Working with an NZCB approved builder means you are choosing quality. To become a member of NZCB, construction companies across Christchurch must meet some minimum criteria such as:

  • Building experience
  • On-site management experience
  • Trade and professional qualifications
  • Financial responsibility
  • Workmanship

When you choose our master builders in Christchurch, you are not just working with an average builder. You are working an NZCB accredited builder with years of experience.

Our team undergoes regular training to keep up with the latest building practices and techniques, regulatory requirements and industry developments.

All that’s well and good, but what does it mean for you as a home owner? You are covered by our 10-year residential guarantee that protects you after the building process as well as for 10 years after the building work has been completed. You get far greater protection than the Consumer Guarantees Act and Building Act.

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or build a new house, when you choose Pete’s Construction, you work with people you can trust. Our transparent practices ensure that you are in the know every step of the building process. And at any time, should you have a question or need assistance, we are just a call away!

What happens when changes are made to the plans or specified materials after the building work has started?

Changes made by building companies in Christchurch

In the specifications, you will find detailed instructions about the materials, features and elements your builders in Christchurch will install. Sometimes, your builder might make a substitution because the specific brand was not available. You’ll get the equivalent in quality. In the contract with your building company in Chch, you must have conditions that prohibit the builder from making any changes to the contract with your approval. A building consent will be needed in that case.

When you ask for changes

During the building process, you may change your mind about something in the construction plan. Talk to your builder, project manager or designer to decide if the variation is needed and how much it would cost. It may need a new consent, or you might realise that it cannot be done as you are too far in the construction process to insert soundproofing between floors or begin moving walls. But you will not know unless you ask your builders in Christchurch.

However, try to avoid changes as much as possible as they will likely cost you more time and money.

Peace of Mind Guarantee and Honest Pricing

Your home will also come with a 10-year Builders guarantee, giving you added peace of mind.

Like so many others looking for house building companies in Christchurch, you should choose us at Pete’s Construction.

Whatever stage you are at with your building plans, please give us a call. Let our experience benefit you!

We can work with you on a fixed cost basis, pricing everything upfront in a way that is transparent and honest. Give us a call or send us an email today.

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