At Pete’s Construction, we take pride in crafting sturdy and beautiful fences that stand the test of time. Serving Christchurch, Selwyn, North Canterbury, Banks Peninsula, and surrounding areas, we are your go-to team for premium quality fences tailored to your needs.

  Our skilled craftsmen specialise in building a wide variety of fences, ranging from classic paling and board-and-batten fences to elegant kwila designs and everything in between. Whether you need a fence for privacy, security, or aesthetic enhancement, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

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Popular Fence Styles

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Paling Fences

A paling fence is a simple and cost-effective type of fencing made up of vertical wooden slats that are attached to horizontal rails, providing a classic and functional enclosure.

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Board and Baton Fences

A board and batten fence is a rustic-style fencing option characterised by alternating wide vertical boards and narrower wooden strips, offering a charming and textured appearance.

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Post and Rail Fences

A post and rail fence is a traditional and open-style fencing consisting of horizontal rails held by vertical posts, often used to define boundaries while maintaining an unobstructed view.

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Designer Fences

A designer fence, like Kwila, embodies the epitome of modern elegance, combining exquisite craftsmanship with premium materials to create a statement piece for your property.

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Fencing Price Guide

Your Fencing Expert in Christchurch and Beyond

Why choose Pete’s Construction for your fencing needs?

  • Expertise Across Locations: While we are based in Christchurch, our fencing services extend to North Canterbury, Banks Peninsula, and throughout Selwyn. Wherever you are, we are committed to delivering top-notch fencing solutions.

  • Diverse Fencing Options: We offer an extensive range of fencing styles, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose the perfect design for your property. From traditional post and rail fences to modern kwila installations, we do it all.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: With years of experience, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we take every step to ensure your fence is built to perfection.

  • Personalised Approach: We understand that every property is unique. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your requirements, providing personalised solutions that match your specific needs and preferences.

Ready to transform your outdoor space with a stunning and durable fence? Contact Pete’s Construction today for expert fencing services in Christchurch, Selwyn, North Canterbury, Banks Peninsula, and beyond. Let us build the fence of your dreams!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best type of fence depends on various factors such as your specific needs (privacy, security, aesthetics), local climate, and maintenance preferences. 

Take a look at our fencing price guide (see above) to get an idea of what our most popular fencing styles are.

Maintenance needs vary based on the fence material. In most cases fences are pretty low maintenance, however if you’re wanting to paint or stain your fence, you may need to redo every few years. Understanding the upkeep requirements of your chosen fence material is essential for its longevity.

Fence installation costs depend on various factors like the type of material, fence height, linear footage, labour expenses, terrain complexity, and additional features (gates, capping, skirting). Download our free fencing price guide above to get an idea of pricing for your ideal fence.