Landscaping and Earthworks

Pete’s Construction is your go-to crew for all things landscaping and earthworks in Christchurch. We’re not your average construction company – we’ve got a real knack for turning outdoor spaces into jaw-dropping landscapes, whether it’s your cozy crib or your buzzing business.

With a mix of experience and a dash of innovation, our team knows landscaping and earthworks like the back of their work boots. We’ve been at it for almost 10 years, creating residential and commercial outdoor spaces into functional, stunning spots.

We’ve got the heavy-duty gear and the skills to sculpt the land with ninja-like precision. Whether it’s smoothing things out, digging deep, or getting a site ready for a total transformation, we’ve got your back –or rather, your ground – covered.

Popular Landscaping + Earthworks Services

New Lawns PC

New Lawns

Kick off your shoes and sink your toes into the freshest slice of green with our brand-new lawns.

PC Excavator

Site Excavation

Prepare your space for construction excellence with site excavation.

PC RetainingWall

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are the sturdy champions that wrangle nature into a seriously stylish formation.

kitchens pc 14


Unleash the potential of your business space with our top-notch commercial landscaping and earthworks.

Ready to kick off earthworks and/or landscaping on your property? Give Pete a bell on 027 339 9945 to discuss. We offer free friendly advice, free on-site consultations and free quotes. If you’re thinking of doing any earthworks or landscaping on your property, it’s a no brainer to get in touch with our team.

Managing your project from design to delivery.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with Pete’s Construction, where expertise meets nature’s beauty. With nearly a decade of experience in landscaping and earthworks, we’ve been transforming landscapes across Christchurch, Selwyn, Banks Peninsula, and beyond.

Our skilled team combines creativity and precision, sculpting gardens, driveways, and outdoor havens that reflect your vision. From meticulous earthworks to lush greenery, we breathe life into every corner. Discover the art of harmonious living outdoors with Pete’s Construction, where a legacy of craftsmanship meets the allure of nature.
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