Advantages Of An Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have become all anyone wants when they are looking for a home. Weather they are building or renovating the open floor plan is ideal for those who have small children or just love to entertain. There are so many reasons why the open floor plan is becoming the number one must have feature in homes.


It used to be that each room in a home had a purpose and you wouldn’t use that room unless you were there for that purpose. Weather it be the sitting room or the kitchen or the dining room, each room had a purpose and reason for being in the home. But that often led to rooms that you just didn’t use very often. Now with a open floor your living room kitchen and dining room are all in one space flowing freely and making each space more usable. You can see all the spaces and use them all with the family all at once for whatever you want as a multi purpose space.

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More Natural Lighting

Walls are notorious for blocking light. There’s just no way to get the light through them. Open concept lighting allows you and your builders chch to get rid of all of those pesky walls and gives you the opportunity to see all the natural light from your windows clear across your space. With nothing obstructing your light your space just feels more open and airy.


When your cooking in the kitchen you don’t want to miss out on the party going on in the next room. With an open concept floor plan you can do this. Cook without being left out of the gossip of the week and be able to entertain your guest as well.

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Family Friendly

If your have little ones you know that when they get quite and you cant see them that’s when they get into the most trouble. Open floor plans are family friendly in that they allow for the adults to keep an eye on the little ones without having to walk into the next room th make sure they have not crawled out the window. Open floor plans give moms and parent piece of and to be able to cook in the kitchen and watch the kids in the living room with open sight lines and clear views of everything that is going on.

Kitchen focal point

Too long we have put the kitchen in the back of the home only be used to make meals and be left with the mess. But no more.A great reason for a open floor plan is that you can make the kitchen the focal point of the home. Now you can make the kitchen as beautiful and functional as the rest of your home. Your builder chch will be able to create kitchen that you can be proud of and love to entertain from in your open floor plan concept.

Consider an open floor plan when discussing your building plans with your builders christchurch. It is the most popular floor plan because it allows for so much natural light , and entertaining space. You have the ability to use all the house instead of bringing closed off in small rooms. It is especially popular for families with small children.

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